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(Secret) How To Increase Website Speed ( Simple Way) With Proof!

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How To Increase Website Speed

how to increase website speed-Today I Am Going To Show You “How To Increase Website Speed” That is 100% Working With Proof.

How To Increase Website Speed

Hello readers. Today I am going to show you how can you improve your website page speed. Also, I will guide you on how can you increase website speed easily with proof. I will make sure that you will be able to increase your page speed after reading this. I will promise you that you will also increase your page speed as I did.


Why Page Speed Is Important?

Your website speed is very important in terms of SEO. If your Website speed is fast then your page speed will also be fast. When we are talking about SEO ranking factors, it is the most important thing you need to rank your article on Google. If your page speed is not good then it will never be ranked on Google even if you have the most precious article It will never rank.

So, Page speed is an important factor for SEO. Many bloggers failed to maintain the website speed good. because it is difficult to maintain the website speed. There are many factors that depend on the website speed, in this article, I am gonna guide you and show you that it is not so difficult if you maintain these things your website speed is automatically maintained its speed

Proof :

On this website. we do not write anything without proof so, as I have told you I am gonna show you how can you improve your website speed with proof, here is the proof go to Pagespeed Insight It is a tool that gives your website speed and it is developed by Google itself. now click this and copy the link of that page and paste it on page speed Insight. It is the proof that screenshot is not fake.

as you can see in the above screenshot, my website speed is above 90 in both cases mobile and desktop also. you can also optimize your website speed as I did. let’s see how can you optimize your page speed.

How To Improve Page Speed Easily

There are a few things that are to change in your website if your website’s speed is slow. There are many articles are available on Google and they all tell you to remove your unused RSS JAVA Script etc. But I am not going to say those things. you can remove your unused coding which will also help your website speed increase. 

Change your theme colour

Sometimes colourful content takes time to load and that will affect ob your website speed. only you have to do is change your website theme colour, and use light colours like sky blue, orange, and light green these colour takes very few second to load.


Use Readable Fonts 

It is very important to use readable fonts because many people use stylish font that is not readable to their visitors and also takes time to load. if you visit page speed insight, there is mentioned that font also takes time to load that will slow down your website speed. you can easily solve this by using readable and normal fonts.

On a test, Anny’s tutorial proves that normal fonts take less time than the other fonts available which will be the main cause of your website’s slow speed.


Don’t Use Too Many Pictures

Using many pictures in a single blog may cause your website page speed slow because image takes much time to load, in many articles peoples says that using next-generation photos is good for maintaining website speed they are right next-generation photos take less storage and provide good quality.

But Nobody tells you that we can’t upload next-generation photos if you are using WordPress, then you know that WordPress won’t allow you to upload next-generation photos. For solving this issue you can use a plugin that stabilizes your web photos and make your page speed good. you can search for some better plugins to optimize your images.


Use Plugin To Increase Your Page Speed

You can increase your website speed by using some plugin that optimizes your blog post and increases your website speed, this trick is very effective I am also using a plugin called auto-optimization that will optimize my all posts.

Some plug-ins may not be working for your website because of your website customization. so always customize your widgets and blocks in a proper manner.


Simple Customization

The best way to maintain the website speed is the customization of your website, the more simple you customize the more speed you get. customize your website in a way that it looks good and simple like professionals do. place the widgets and blocks in a good place. use your social plugin wisely so that it can not affect your website speed.

do all the things I have told you in this article, I will promise you it will also work for you and your website speed will increase definitely. apart from this if you have any problem regarding blogging you can contact me I will always be there to help you.


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