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How to Solve the “There has been a Critical Error on This Website” Error in WordPress

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here has been a critical error on this website

WordPress is a widely used content management system (CMS) that powers millions of websites around the world. However, it’s not uncommon to encounter errors while working with WordPress. One such error that users may come across is the “There has been a critical error on this website” message. This error can be frustrating, as it can render your website inaccessible. In this article, we will explore the causes behind this error and provide you with effective solutions to resolve it.

  1. Understanding the “There has been a critical error on this website” error:

When you encounter the “There has been a critical error on this website” message in WordPress, it means that something has gone wrong, causing the website to malfunction. This error message is displayed to protect the website’s visitors from experiencing any further issues.

  1. Common causes of the “There has been a critical error on this website” error:

  • a. Plugin or theme compatibility issues: Incompatible or poorly coded plugins or themes can lead to conflicts, resulting in critical errors. It’s crucial to keep your plugins and themes up to date to avoid compatibility issues.
  • b. Memory limit exceeded: If your website exceeds the allocated memory limit, it can trigger a critical error. This can occur if your website receives a high volume of traffic or if there are memory-intensive processes running.
  • c. Corrupted files or database: Corrupted files or database tables can cause critical errors in WordPress. This can happen due to improper file uploads, malware infections, or server-related issues.
  1. Resolving the “There has been a critical error on this website” error:

  • a. Deactivating plugins and themes: Start by deactivating all your plugins and switching to a default theme. If the error disappears, it indicates that a plugin or theme was causing the issue. You can then reactivate them one by one to identify the specific culprit.
  • b. Increasing the memory limit: If your website frequently exceeds the memory limit, you can increase it by editing the wp-config.php file. Locate the line that says “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);” and change the value to a higher limit, such as ‘128M’ or ‘256M’.
  • c. Repairing corrupted files or database: To fix corrupted files, you can reinstall WordPress by downloading the latest version from the official website and replacing the core files. For database-related issues, you can use plugins like “WP-DBManager” to repair and optimize your database tables.
  • d. Seeking professional assistance: If you are unable to resolve the error using the above methods, it’s recommended to seek help from a professional WordPress developer or support team. They have the expertise to diagnose and fix complex issues.


Encountering the “There has been a critical error on this website” error in WordPress can be a daunting experience, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can resolve it effectively. By understanding the common causes behind this error and implementing the solutions provided in this article, you can get your website back up and running smoothly. Remember to regularly update your plugins and themes, optimize your website’s memory usage, and address any file or database corruption promptly. With these measures in place, you can ensure a stable and error-free WordPress website for your visitors and improve your overall user experience.


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